About Us

ZZANETTI is an epitome of craftmanship which evolves with time. An art of the craft which entails minutest detailing. The beauty of creation is the soul of the artisan. Designed for optimal comfort and perfect foot placement during the shoe fitting process. The ethos of the brand is craftsmanship, design, style and unique finishing which differentiates us from the regular.

Minimalistic yet defined ornately. We make 100% genuine leather shoes to keep your foot healthy as leather tenders breathability which keeps your foot warm in winter and cold in summer.

Housed in the hub of footwear manufacturing with more than a decade of producing world class shoes, we take utmost care in selecting the perfect silhouette, exquisite leather and apt materials which makes every single pair a masterpiece for our customers to relish the global appeal and stand out from the crowd.

We offer international design sensibilities with silhouette and fit suited for our customers. ZZANETTI flaunts the different lifestyle portrayed by our customers at different occasions.

Hand Tamponation

The creative collaboration, layering and dimension of our hand tamponation techniques allows the texture to manifest the way staring into a crystal clear lake revealing the bed. Each hand tamponated stroke of every shoe subtly different leaving no two pair identical in their texture and antiquing.

It’s an in-depth process penetrating into the leather surface removing the imperfections and elevating the unique texture of the surface. This differentiates our shoes from the regular ones.

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